Congratulations on making it to the GHSA State Championship!

As a parent that has witnessed my son's team make it to a State Championship game as well as winning a State Championship, I know how proud you must be!

I also know how difficult it is to capture photographic memories when you're trying to live in the moment. So that you can relive those memories, both print and digital packages are available for purchase from GHSA State Championships I've photographed.

To view photos, visit my GHSA gallery here.


Below are GHSA picture packages offered however feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if there is a specific or custom package of interest to you.


Digital (digital images are only for personal, non-commercial use and will not have a watermark)

Single Digital Download - Social Size $7.00
Single High Res Image $15.00
Five (5) High Res Images $25.00


Print (during purchase, you have the option to crop the photos as well as select BW or Sepia color conversions)

4x6 $6.00
5x7 $8.00
8x10 $12.00
11x14 $17.00
12x18 $23.00
16x20 $33.00
16x24 $40.00
20x30 $50.00

If there is a print size that is not offered, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to make adjustments.