Chrystal Moore Sports Photography FAQs


I am interested in having my child or team's game photographed. How do I request this?

  • Parents can contact me directly using the "Contact Me" page.
  • If this is for an entire team, please have the coach or team representative "Contact Me" directly.

How do I view images photographed at games?

  • For team events, select the sport and game date from the drop down on the website.  For individual bookings, you will be sent a link specific to your photo shoot.  Viewing images are completely FREE and a sign-up/login is not needed.

Can I save images to view at a later time?

  • Absolutely!  Click on the image that you're interested in saving and either click the "heart" icon in the right-hand corner of the image or select "ADD TO FAVORITES" in the left-hand corner of the image. Although you don't need to create an account to view images, you will need to create an account to save your favorites. You can even save different sets of "favorites" (i.e. different game day, different sport, different child, etc.)

How do I purchase images for print?

  • To purchase images, select the image from the sport and game date that you are interested in.  Select the desired product you are interested in purchasing and follow the prompts to proceed through the checkout process.

Can I purchase a digital file of the image?

  • You sure can!  In the age of social media, sharing digital images is a common practice!  Select the image from the sport and game date that you are interested in and select "Digital Downloads" as the product type.  With this digital image, Chrystal Moore Photography is granting you limited use for that image for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. No commercial or editorial use of the image is permitted, nor do you have permission to alter the image, without prior written permission from Chrystal Moore Photography.  This means that you are also not able to profit or make money from any digital image.  Any violation of this is an infringement on our copyright. Chrystal Moore Photography owns and retains the copyrights to all images taken. Feel free to print as many copies of the image as you wish for yourself or to give to friends and relatives as well as email it to friends and relatives, etc. 

Will the logo be on the digital file of the image?

  • No. For images that you purchase, your final downloaded digital file will not include the logo.

What type of payments are accepted?

  • During the checkout process, you may pay with Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) as well as PayPal.

​I have another question that isn't answered above.

  • Please visit the "Contact Me" section of the website and I'll be happy to ask any additional questions.