Price for High Res Images:

  • $15.00 for high res images WITHOUT Logo (size is 4000 x 6000 px - best for prints)
  • Buy More than 1 and Save!
    • 1 High Res Image = $15.00
    • 5 High Res Images = $25.00
    • 25 High Res Images = $50.00
  • Print Options also available for purchase

Copyright Notice

These are copyrighted images.  All sports images are for PERSONAL USE (non-media, non-commercial) only. With a digital image, Chrystal Moore Photography is granting you limited use for that image for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. No commercial or editorial use of the image is permitted, nor do you have permission to alter the image, without prior written permission from Chrystal Moore Photography. This includes removal of the logo.  This means that you are also not able to profit or make money from any digital image. Any violation of this is an infringement on our copyright. Chrystal Moore Photography owns and retains the copyrights to all images taken. Feel free to print as many copies of the image as you wish for yourself or to give to friends and relatives as well as email it to friends and relatives, etc. 

If you purchase a Download and need a photographer waiver in order to reprint (sometimes required by Photo vendors), please contact me via the contact section and I'll send you a PDF waiver.

Contact me directly for additional questions.